We departed Bahia Mar Marina at 17:30 hours. After being cleared by the Harbormaster into the commercial security zone we proceeded to the ship’s loading station at Port Everglades Slip #5.  Upon radio contact at 18:45 with Star Lofoten’s Load Master we came alongside at the forward-most loading station as gingerly as possible, with all fenders deployed against the immense, rusty, steel-sided freighter.  Three of our dock lines were passed far up to the load team who converted them into six inch wide lashing straps, securing Jupiter hard to the ship.

Lashing straps on the bow of Jupiter prior to loading

Last duties aboard our little yacht included closing all window blinds, complete shut down of remaining electrical systems and batteries, and final lock up, leaving one key in the aft door for eventual deposit in a strong box in care of the Ship’s Captain for the duration of the journey.

Jupiter’s crew was taken off by small launch and transferred ashore.  We were unable to witness the placement of hoisting slings and additional lashings, and the final lift aboard, which took place after dark.

On a drive to the airport early this morning we observed that Jupiter was mounted high and forward on Star Lofoten’s bow.  Among the 20 yachts aboard, ours will be first to arrive in Victoria in approximately three weeks.




  1. DeeDee and Terry says:

    Oh my, high and dry and lashed at last.
    Great picture. I 🤥 I image it was hard to walk away, but very exciting the day has come ! Onward and upward !!

  2. David Condra says:

    Amazing story, so far, Randy. More pictures please! That must have been a sight to see all those yachts strapped to the Star Lofoten. Looking forward to the continuing journey. _kai_ Dave.

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