Jupiter’s Way

The Adventures of Motor Vessel Jupiter and Her Crew


Dew Points North

It is not currently raining, but for the past two weeks Jupiter travels north through continuous precipitation—showers, drizzle, mist, fog, and downpours. Rainfall in all synchronic forms has been the boat’s cloak and biotope. Ambient temperatures rarely exceed 50ºF, and with the sea remaining near 45ºF, the crew is gaining an empirical understanding of the dew point.

The crew purchase a Calathea – Prayer Plant, for company and to beseech dryer weather.

Many things living within the mountainy temperate rainforests of British Columbia thrive in this cool, wet weather, and Jupiter is washed clean of salt during daily transits. Her hull, house and rails are beaded and running with the sea’s distillate.

The weather is as expected, however frequency of crew cold plunges off the swim step plunges, and the evening tremolando of rain on the overhead acts as a seductive soporific.

After thousands spent on rescue and safety gear, and decades spent avoiding going overboard, Jupiter’s crew is dabbling in the cold plunge craze. What could go wrong? Strong currents sweeping the swimmer far from the vessel. Toxic jellyfish stings. Infection from plankton blooms or pelagic parasites. Black fly bites. Attack by sea lions. Hypothermia and heart attack.


Early June augurs cool, even cold conditions, and if one seeks Jupiter in this season, she can often be located at latitudes between Cape Caution and the Dixon Entrance enjoying long days, short nights and the close mensiversaries of both crew members’ June births.

One of the crew is observing their big day at Prince Rupert where unusual shops, intriguing people and superb sushi can be enjoyed. The other is simply observing.

Master and Commander

In wet weather or dry, Jupiter is a joy to pilot. She responds to throttle and wheel with a surprising lightness of being. Her heavy displacement and the power to push through strong currents, steep chop and seasonal seaways give her crew assurance.

Jupiter is so much fun to navigate in ports and long passages that disputes often arise over which of the crew is the incumbent Captain. In truth there is plenty of sea time to share, and each crewman goes off watch with complete confidence in the other.

Northern BC provides numerous spectacular and isolated anchorages, but these are often separated by long, wet passages. Drip-dodging forays in Jupiter’s tender or kayaks are interesting and can be accomplished in most weathers. Otherwise contentment is found aboard enjoying the comfort of a well set vessel.

The crew finds joy in conditions climatic, destinations enigmatic, vistas dioramic, love quixotic and the enriching life aquatic.

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