Death in the Afternoon

Jupiter’s ride to the Pacific Northwest commenced Thursday, April 12 at 22:30  when our freighter, Star Lofoten, departed Port Everglades under cover of darkness.

In our haste to secure the boat the previous day, we unplugged our small Garmin InReach Tracker and tossed it into a drawer – without shutting down the unit.  The Tracker reliably reported its location until it’s battery DIED two days later.

Garmin Inreach Tracker

The map shown is a reproduction of Jupiter’s live track since leaving Florida. Whenever we are cruising you can access an interactive map created by this device by clicking FIND JUPITER in the top menu of this website.  Of course Jupiter’s tracker is currently not reporting, but will be back on line when the boat reaches Victoria, BC.

If interested in following the the voyage of Star Lofoten, or any ship worldwide, visit MarineTraffic to search for a vessel.

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  1. DeeDee and Terry says:

    Jupiter has been to Cuba !!! Moving fast, surprised it will take 3 weeks. So fun to track her this far. Thanks for forgetting to turn your Tracker off!

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