Food Chain

Inspired by the legendary 60’s hit single, Chain of Foods, we explore the ways gastronomy governs life aboard Jupiter.

Chain, chain, chain
Chain, chain, chain
Chain of foods…

Aretha Franklin, 1967

Following the Food Chain

Itineraries are carefully managed to enable provisioning long before any want or need is imagined. The best fisheries, farmers and markets are researched and charted, arrivals timed for their openings. No source of littoral freshness, firmness or fineness is too remote by sea or too far by foot. Appetites are whetted prospecting for victuals at every port.

Dining on The Hard

Eateries ashore, while never necessary, are occasionally attended out of curiosity for inspiration, by reputation, or during dishwashing strikes. No-one eats better or with more butter than mariners aboard m/v Jupiter.

Wave Top Crops

Our flybridge farm of micro-greens, three crops in rotation, are harvested in conjunction with celestial observations; or possibly not. These floccose salads appear abreast, allover, asunder and astride dishes at every banquet and nosh regardless of the subastral season.

The Table is Set

Jupiter affords three distinct messes, inevitably dictated by weather: the Flybridge Café for sunny breakfasts or casual lunches with a view; the Pilothouse Bistro for savory knife and fork feeds and the hypaethral Cockpit Cantina where sapid meals and moshing music meet the madness below the waterline in our midst.

The Galley

Jupiter’s galley is ajar within the pilothouse, convenient to the helmstation and quite small. The chef, like the Pacific Octopus can clutch everything and forge anything from collected cookware and foraged provisions tucked away in hidden drawers, lockers and reefers.

Hot meals are prepared under way in every sea way. Neither waves, nor chop on a blustery day dissuade the master-mariner-gourmet.

Location 🔘 🔘 🔘 🔘 🔘

Food 🔘 🔘 🔘 🔘 🔘

Service 🔘 ⚪️ ⚪️ ⚪️ ⚪️

Value 🔘 ⚪️ ⚪️ ⚪️ ⚪️

I’ve been dining at the Pilothouse Café for many years and consider the location impossibly convenient when exploring the Pacific Northwest on a boat.

The food is inventive and chef uses only the finest healthy local and seasonal ingredients prepared with proficiency. The farm and sea to table menu changes daily and offers abundant opportunities to sample seafood, meat, and vegetable offerings perfectly prepared, seasoned and sauced. Presentation of dishes is artful and consistently delights diners.

The service in this restaurant is, however, dreadful, or non existent. Patrons are required to enter the kitchen and serve themselves or each other. Additionally, after the meal, they are obliged to wash-up and dry their plates and all the greasy pots and saucepans in the kitchen.

Appealing cuisine followed by appalling scutwork!

Also, the food is expensive as sin considering fuel consumed moving this fat floating diner all around the Pacific Ocean.

Trip Advisor Restaurant Expert Level 25

Crabby Benedict

The Catch

This recipe is dependent on catching Dungeness Crab.

Bait your crab pot using fresh organic chicken parts, or lacking those, one artisanal bratwurst. Soak the pot in 8 fathoms of water for one complete tide cycle, about 12 hours + 25 minutes. When the weather turns wet, pull your pot and find at least 4 immense crabs convening inside.

Return the pot with crabs to the ship. Heat a sizable cauldron of heavily salted water to a rapid boil and prepare to butcher.

Stun the crabs with a wooden club, remove the apron and carapace. Rip off the knuckles and legs and retain. Overboard the remnants.

Boil the crab legs in shell for about 8 minutes. Drain, and cool in an ice bath. Once cooled, crack and carefully pick all the leg meat. 4 Dungeness yield 6 cups of densely packed meat, about 3 hours.

The Recipe

Slice tomatoes in half horizontally. Lightly oil the cut side with olive oil and roast at a low temperature for 3-4 hours until concentrated, soft and jammy. Cool to room temperature.

Bring a stick of butter to a bubbling simmer without browning. In a warm bowl whisk two egg yolks with a splash of water. Whisking fiercely, ease the butter into the yolks drop by drop at first, then in a painfully slow drizzle. When sauce is emulsified and thickened add lemon juice, paprika and seasoning to taste. Cover with plastic wrap on the surface and keep gently warm until serving time.

▶️ Prepare a salad from two cups of crab, finely chopped green onion and bell pepper, lightly bound with mayonnaise and lemon, seasoned to taste.
▶️ Toast and butter 4 half English Muffins and top with roasted tomatoes.
▶️ Divide the crab salad atop the tomatoes forming a hollow with a spoon.
▶️ Loosely poach fresh eggs and settle them aboard the crab.
▶️ Ladle an abundance of homemade hollandaise over the egg. Garnish with greens.


  1. Diane Pawlowicz says:

    My mouth is watering! The writing rises to the level of the wonderful meals on Jupiter. All my senses are serensified.

  2. DeeDee says:

    I am now so very hungry.
    It all looks so esspecially appetizing and fun.
    Love the micro green crop rotation.
    You both look well and smiling.
    Keep it up, we are living vicariously thru your adventures this summer and loving it.

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