Wave Top Crops

Jupiter is nearing the apogean northwestern tip of Vancouver Island.

Regardless of solstitial days and fine weather, we have passed far beyond the verdant valleys of the Saanich Peninsula where most of the island’s produce is grown.

Tiring of winged-kelp and finding little solace in sea-asparagus, we implemented an experimental project – farming micro-greens aboard Jupiter. Replenishment of greens in the wilderness is at best problematic, at worst impossible.

Having found a transportable growing system excellently engineered by a company called Hamama, we stocked the boat with grow trays and seed quilts which are stowed in a parky dark cavity near the hull on the starboard side below the water line to prevent premature germination.

Every three days a new quilt is brought to light, soaked in its tray and tended through a ten day growing cycle. Amongst the manifold varieties to hand are many different flavors and colors to complement a variety of dishes and preparations. Thus far the crew has successfully averted scurvy.

Hamama How To:

Inconspicuous Consumption:

Crab Cakes with Zesty Mix Salad

While the cakes cook whisk cold-pressed olive oil, white balsamic, seasonings and a smidge of mustard into a dressing. Render several radish and a half cucumber into fine dice. Toss in the dressing with copious fresh-cut micro-greens until well coated. Serve over warm crab cakes.

Finding the Farm

Want to know where to find micro-greens at sea?
  • Go to main menu on jupitersway.com
  • Click on Find Jupiter
  • Zoom in or out to view the geography
  • Click on any blue dot to see Jupiter’s latitude, longitude, speed and course at that date and time


  1. Peter C. Macdonald says:

    I must say that each post becomes more interesting than the last. I see new careers as writers and chefs. I am truly impressed. You two have “reinvented” yourselves. Safe travels and look forward to seeing you both in October. Pete

  2. Augusta and Theo says:

    Absolutely LOVE looking at all those delicious dishes, garnished to perfection and with the idea of growing your own micro greens! Way to go!!
    We miss you and love reading all the news.

  3. Hanna Foraker aka TMW says:

    Fiona, you have the art of dicing down to a science……..and your culinary creations are simply mouth-watering……..there is a cook-book in the making as well!
    Again, thoroughly enjoying your collective witty and informative writing!


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