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Dear Dave –
Thanks for flying our family from Ketchikan to Wrangell last week. They enjoyed the smooth flight, fabulous scenery and good weather aboard one of your beautiful aircraft. The only problem was that they did not see one whale during the entire flight. What’s up with that? We promised them whales! Have all the whales gone south? Looking forward to seeing you back at the marina.

Best, Fiona & Randy

Dave D
Misty Fjords
Tongass Highway
Ketchikan, AK 99901


Hey Lattie,
Emily, Cassidy and Willa are visiting us on the boat and took a jet boat trip up the Stikine River to Shakes Glacier. We didn’t go with them because we had a gig in Wrangell. The best thing that happened on their glacier trip (for us) was that they got some iceberg ice to bring back to the boat for drinks. Unlike the glaciers around here, it lasts a long time.
BTW: no whales were seen.
-Stay cool, R + F

Lattie Moraine
2 New Meadows
Retreat, TX 75110


Dear Ms. Rorqual-
We took the family to Berg Bay today, and everyone was looking for whales without seeing any. What’s the deal? We promised them whales, and you said they’d be “around” but they aren’t. If possible could you please arrange for some to pass us the day after tomorrow in the Seward Passage? Our guests would be delighted.

Our granddaughter learned how to navigate a kayak today, and while she was out of earshot we even resorted to the whale song flute you gave us. We blew and blew but nothing happened… If you could facilitate this as planned we’d be very grateful.
Truly, Team Jupiter

Ms. Rorqual
Protected Resources Division

Juneau, AK 99802


Hi Pips. We are having a great time with your cousin Willa on board. She likes her cozy tiny cabin. Today was awesome. We went to a bear watching place where salmon are swimming up a creek and bears are hanging out waiting to catch them. We saw tons of black bears and two brown bears, although some of the black bears were brown. Confusing! Willa named some of the bears. Her favorite was Mopey Bear. The others kept pushing him away from the best fishing spots. There were also moms with cubs, and they caught fish for them. Glad I wasn’t eating the raw fish, though they seemed to like it fine. We haven’t seen any whales this week and we really want to. We miss you and will see you in the fall –
Hugs and kisses ~ Grandad & Nonie

Pips Woods
72 Cub Close
Bear Creek, AL 35543


Hi ho,

Things are going pretty well in Alaska except that we didn’t bring enough shorts! I never imagined it would be this warm. Cass and Emily jumped in off the back of the boat for a couple of minutes. Coincidentally, we are anchored in Sunny Bay which is picturesque but the deer flies are killing us. They don’t make Benadryl strong enough for this job. We never get to see this kind of weather, so we sit outside for dinner and ARE dinner for the deer flies while we try to eat ours. Still haven’t seen a single damn whale. What? Isn’t that why you ask people to come up here? Maybe tomorrow. Hope all is well with you and the family in London.
Love, Fiona

Jan and Chris Chrysops
Itchykoo Park
Church Road


Pips, another great day on the boat. We were UNDERWAY (which just means the boat is moving – not actually UNDER anything, haha) for a long time. Now we are in a CURIOUS SETTLEMENT called Meyers Chuck. We walked to the end of the footpath (no roads here!) in BOTH directions. Nice beach. Found TONS of tiny creatures in the tide pools including the cast-off shells of these purple shore crabs, which we looked up in a book. More crabs than people in this place for sure. NOT kidding. There’s a woman here that bakes CINNAMON ROLLS that we’re having for breakfast tomorrow. You’d like THAT if you were here. Also, NO WHALES. That’s annoying. Say hi to your Mom and Dad for us.
XOXO Nonie

72 Cub Close
Bear Creek, AL 35543


Hey, Ansel, we’ve had a pretty good trip until today. Not any rain, and not a single whale! This morning we had an electrical problem that got fixed even if not really broken, but delayed our departure from Meyers Chuck which is really cool and “iconic” in a weird way. We finally headed down the Clarence Strait with big waves, and we bounced around for a couple of hours until we got up here at McKnight Inlet which would have been beautiful except one side of the inlet was COMPLETELY LOGGED OFF! So ugly, and when we were ready to anchor the Lofrans windlass couldn’t pull the chain out of the chain locker because all that bucking in the boat rolled the last part of the chain over the first part, and we had to lean into the chain locker to muscle out the first part which took an effort and made bruises and blood. It’s a good thing my son-in-law was here to help. Anyway, writing to see if you can hook us up with a heavier hauler. This will be a really beautiful place in about 50 years when some trees grow back!

Let me know if we can upgrade this unit. Randy

Mr. Ansel Link
Hi-Test Half-Inch Limited
400 Dropdown Drive



  1. Peter C. Macdonald says:

    Wonderful pictures and postings. However, I am concerned to see the same whale in many pictures. It appears to be stalking Jupiter. Harpoons handy?

  2. Deedee Lisenby says:

    I love love this blog !
    So remote, so peaceful and full of family and friends.
    Keep cruising, we live vicariously thru you.
    Love and Hugs,
    DeeDee and Terry

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