The Flotilla

Jupiter and her crew rarely cruise in consort with other vessels, however soon we will accompany eight boats with thirty-five mariners aboard for an adventure transiting Desolation Sound and the Discovery Islands.

A year in planning, Team Jupiter has collaborated in curating a twelve-day escapade for the Ocean Reef Yacht Club (ORYC) of Key Largo, Florida. This dynamic association of mariners was founded in 1962 on the seafaring principles of navigation, socialization and revelation. The popular dance that year was the Loco-Motion.

Ocean Reef Yacht Club Burgee Aboard Jupiter at Port Sidney

One hundred ORYC members recently completed four days of acculturation and advanced maritime studies at British Columbia’s Capital of Victoria. Now the Club Flotilla participants will test their knowledge and experience in the Salish Sea.

ORYC Members volunteering for Cold-Water MOB Drills at Victoria

The Route

Follow along with the Flotilla and Jupiter here.

The Weather Forecast

Everybody's goin' on a brand new cruise, now
(Come on, baby, do the O-R-Y-C)
I know you'll get to like it if you give it a chance, now
(Come on, baby, do the O-R-Y-C)
Every kind of boater can do it with me
It's easier than crusin' in the Florida Keys
So come on, come on
Do the O-R-Y-C with me

~ Little Eva, 1962
Historical Note in celebration of our 100th post: This, the first picture from the first ever edition of Jupiter’s Way, was taken in Florida Bay. Since then (February, 2018) Jupiter and her crew have navigated over 12,000 nautical miles in the Pacific Northwest.


  1. Earl Alfaro says:

    What a wonderful adventure! Will the flotilla include other GB’s? I look forward to your posts as your journey progresses.

  2. Dana Starr says:

    Now we know what the partying in Victoria was all about. Sounds like a fun flotilla journey. Looking forward to upcoming photos and congrats on hitting 12,000 nautical miles. That’s incredible. Safe travels to you and all the ORYC Mariners.

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