Preparing Jupiter for her August debut requires a visit by one of her captains and an engineer. The boat’s general condition must be surveyed, her mechanical and safety systems inspected and tested, sea trials made, and seasonal preparations conducted.

Nowhere to Hide.
Auto Information Systems locate Jupiter at Roche Harbor on San Juan Island.

Jupiter is found moored at Roche Harbor on the US side of the international border where shipments of ships stores are received, unpacked and stowed.

Few deficiencies are found and most are resolved. The sleeping yacht awakens without nightmares.

Jupiter in Slip F-4 at Roche Harbor, which berth coincidentally belongs to a friend who is away cruising.

Sea Trial

Captain and crew Initiate Jupiter’s departure sequence checks:

  • Breakers and Battery Switches ON, Electronics and Navigation Systems ON.
  • Generator START, Shore Power Cord RETRIEVE.
  • Engines START and feel how 1460 Horse Power can boost the day.
  • Gyro Stabilizer, Humphree Interceptors (whatever these are), Desalination Plant ACTIVATE.
  • Horn, Bow and Stern Thrusters, Gear and Throttle Controls TEST.
  • Single up and CAST OFF Dock Lines.
  • DEPART slip. Idle slowly through marina fairways and mooring fields. Navigate past the magnificent Totem at McCracken Point marking entry into the Salish Sea, heading northbound for Reid Harbor on Stewart Island.
  • DEPLOY anchor.
  • LOWER Tender. START outboard and race around the anchorage at high speed like teenagers. RAISE Tender.
  • RETURN to Roche Harbor and Secure vessel.


Curt, Jupiter’s visiting crewman, at Reid Harbor.

Sky Time

An unexpected invitation to a scenic flight with a friend is eagerly accepted.

Chic, better known as DoctorSnip at his Seattle vasectomy clinic, is a man for all seasons, currently building, with his own hands and lumber mill, a sophisticated cabin on North Finger Island. His manifold skills and interests are broad and deep, and he is an accomplished pilot with a beautiful aircraft ready to fly.

Chic prepares his capable Cessna 172 for flight outside the aircraft’s hanger at Roche Harbor Airport (WA09).

An overflight of Jupiter’s cruising grounds provides an alternate perspective to the planar realm of the sea and a suggestive metaphor for life. Distance brings clarity.

This fine example of a Tideline marks the convergence of two ocean currents. Seaweed, logs and debris congregate along these margins often presenting a hazard to cruising vessels.
Kathy and Chic – shamelessly happy at their dinning table overlooking the runway at Roche Harbor.



  1. frank SAMBUCO says:

    Excellent! Glad you are back on the water again.!!
    VIRGINIA and I are on our 47 Sabre in Maine.
    Sadly Admiral Zipper passed but we have a new puppy called Nova and she is getting her sea legs.
    Safe travels and keep making great memories
    Frank Sambuco Dockmaster Jupiter Island

  2. NC says:

    “And those who were seen dancing, were thought to be crazy by those who could not hear the music.”
    Friedrich Nietzsche

  3. DeeDee and Terry says:

    So happy to be getting Jupiter’s Way again and to know you are floating again ! Your blogs help us become better boaters. Sending love and hugs.

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