Pacific Splash Down

At 0930 Jupiter was lifted off Star Lofoten and splashed into the cold waters of the Pacific Ocean at Victoria. All engines started without issue and all systems appear to be functioning normally. Happily there is no apparent damage.

Lowering Jupiter down the side of the Star Lofoten

We found the vessel in a state of indescribable filth from bird droppings, bunker fuel exhaust, and salt spray. The crew proceeded to Wharf Street Marina in Victoria’s Inner Harbor, home for the coming days, and welcomed aboard an excellent team of detailers from Raven Marine. After more than a year’s planning the adventure begins…


  1. Constance McPheeters says:

    Thank God for the detailing crew!! Knowing us we would have been left to do that work ourselves. You’re much smarter!

  2. Maggie Woods says:

    Hooray, at last she’s back in the water! It’s been fun following the onboard adventures of Jupiter, will look more forward to YOUR adventures aboard her in the NW. What fun!

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