Jupiter on Vacation

Jupiter, our steadfast exploration vessel, was a resolute companion during the spring, summer and fall of 2018.

Bellingham Boat Shed Resort & Spa

But during the past winter Jupiter went on an extended holiday: hauled out and hidden away in a luxurious Bellingham boat shed where, like any cosmetic surgery tourist, she received bountiful enhancements and wellness upgrades.

Jupiter’s Project Manager, Rowan. A tall man in tight spaces.

For months this indolent boat lay ashore, shielded from wind and weather, pampered, inspected, restored and reconditioned by the finest technicians and aestheticians at NW Explorations.

Rowan, Jupiter’s project manager, wrangled a long list of tasks over many months, demonstrating leadership, expert knowledge, skill, and ingenious imagination. No battery was too heavy, no system too complex, no space inaccessible, no bilge too dirty, and no hose too clogged for this tenacious technician.

Busy boats live by dog years, and after nearly seven years and 3,000 hours of hard running in all seas and seasons, Jupiter was ready for a midlife refit.

Every bottom deserves a good coat of paint.

“Believe me, if I look good, it’s not an accident.”

– Nora Ephron (Glamour, September 2012)

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