Jupiter Aligns with Mars

Jupiter arrived at Ganges, the harbor hub of Salt Spring Island in the Gulf Islands, on a bright and breezy day, and moored up at the venerable Ganges Marina.

Jupiter in Ganges Marina with onboard guests Susan and Dan

Salt Spring’s summer population surges to 25,000 souls from its winter core of 10,000, testifying to the island’s popularity as an enchanting destination for visitors. Large enough to offer opportunity, and remote enough to provide tranquility, it has been long settled by homesteaders, idealists and seekers.

The 1960’s are gone – more gone in some places than in others.

During the war in Vietnam draft dodgers fled, often with friends and girlfriends in tow, to coastal communities in British Columbia, and Salt Spring saw many arrive to pursue a life in exile, at least until Jimmy Carter declared an amnesty. Curious if we could find any remaining American resistors, we asked around, but heard mostly rumors.

About draft dodgers: “My dad said there were still a couple of them up north someplace.”

Carson, Wharfinger at Ganges Marina

On Salt Spring we felt a mythical connection to the alive tribe celebrating the Hippie culture of the 1960’s, with inward and outward appearances testifying to a joyful natural and alternative cosmos. Hippies old and young embrace a fuzzy new Age of Aquarius, and residents trade their island-grown harvest and island-made wares at The Famous Saturday Market.

Nearly every shop in Ganges maintains a large community bulletin board, and we recorded interesting community pursuits:

Moonray Design Diagnostics, Wisdom of the Earth Immersions, Foundation Movement for Mass Mobility, Wetness Wellness (towel recommended), Loopy Loners (sad), Tears and Tears (weeping and rending?), Karaoke Therapy, Frictional Pet Counseling (helping pets or owners?), Open Poetry Mic, Contact Improvisation Dance (wear protective padding), Reciprocal Community Acupuncture (risky?), Vegan Dogfood for “near” Poopless Pups, and Sexuality Coaching for Women, Men, Couples and Groups.

Salt Spring is famous for its apples; 400 varieties grow here in abundance, and their diverse attributes are used to craft various types of cider. We enjoyed a methodical tasting at Salt Spring Wild Cidery and purchased three bottles for ship’s supplies.

When the moon is in the Seventh House

And Jupiter aligns with Mars

Then peace will guide the planets

And love will steer the stars

This is the dawning of the Age of Aquarius

Let the sun shine in….

The 5th Dimension


  1. Tug Sally W says:

    I hope you bought one of the woodturner’s bowls. They look magnificent. Hope you’re still having good weather. You’re not missing anything here in Camden. More rainy days than sunny ones. Have hit 70 degrees once. But the lilacs and chestnut trees are in full bloom. The town has woken up and traffic on Route 1 is backed up. I checked your herb box this morning and it is thriving. Must like the rainy weather. Safe cruising, my friends. – Sally and Allan

  2. JOHN MARLOW says:

    “Karaoke Therapy, Frictional Pet Counseling (helping pets or owners?)…”

    No more needed for me after the taste above. Warm memories of those days of letting the sunshine in, rekindled with added mellow spice of it all being
    found on island life.

    Very smooth sailing.


  3. Paula says:

    The community bulletin board items have to be some of the best I have ever read. Thank you for the laughs.

  4. Hanna Foraker says:

    How did I miss this blog?!? It’s 2021……..I see Leslie Stowe’s famous fruit/nut crackers with cold-cuts/cheese assortment…….
    Community Bulletin Board: hysterical!

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