Deep Prawns

Fresh caught prawns wriggling and snapping in the galley

Having ventured into one of the many abyssal fjords on the Sunshine Coast we moored at a rustic dock at Backeddy Resort & Marina with its fierce currents.  A local fishing boat soon tied up astern to take on fuel, and offered us some of the morning’s catch – live prawns.  For sure!

Ready to eat after just a few minutes in the steamer

Just a few minutes in the pot was all these beauties required to become an exquisite impromptu lunch.  While they steamed we stirred up a quick dip from mayonnaise, lots of fresh lemon and a splash of Sriracha. The meat was light, succulent and delicious!

“Rip they little heads off, nibble on they tiny tails.”

1 kilo prawns fresh from seventy fathoms


  1. Dorothy Stalnaker says:

    We are enjoying hearing about your adventures, Randy and Fiona. Tim and I went to our first event of the season at the Camden Yacht Club and we missed your presence. But we were talking about your adventures with fellow members and we all agree that your trip and your notices about it are a pleasure to read about. Thanks! Bet those prawns were yummy!

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