Breaking Bad

Our beautiful Jupiter celebrates her 11th birthday this year, although we reckon she’s more like sweet 16 in boat years.

Jupiter, moored at the Prince Rupert fuel dock, is always thirsty.

She’s been been a bit of bother this summer, but she says it’s not her fault because the crew made her do it, or the boatyard didn’t do it, or the weather made it worse, or we should not have gone there, done this or tried that.

The Crew is concerned about Jupiter’s attitude.

Crew: Jupiter, we need to have a serious talk about a few things gone wrong recently.

Jupiter: Oh yeah, like what?

Crew: Well, like some of your equipment failures and things that are not working properly. It’s disappointing.

Jupiter: Hah, it’s not my fault. You took me out AGAIN, way too far and way too long. You might think this is vacation, but its WORK for me!

Crew: What about the bad inverter battery and having to replace six very, very heavy batteries.

Jupiter: Yeah? I TOLD you guys in January that I didn’t have a lot of energy, and you said I was just faking it.

Replacing batteries in all the wrong places is a job for Nick and Loren, all the right people. They transport six new batteries up the long road from Sidney to Port McNeil, then fly in to exchange the banks using brains and brute force.

Crew: You certainly need to take responsibility for the water-maker leak.

Jupiter: C’mon guys, what’s a little fresh water in the bilge? Tightening up a couple of fittings – like that was that so hard? Jeez.

A big leak from a small fitting in the water maker is resolved by re-seating a pipe connector.

Crew: That broken coupler for the bow thruster, that was a big thing and a whole lot of work for many people.

Jupiter: Yeah, so whose smart idea was it to store two GINORMOUS spare props on top of that thruster under a bunk anyway?

Ryan installs a coupler on the replacement electric thruster motor.

Crew: And the electric barbecue grill that suddenly quit working?

Jupiter: I’m vegan now, I DON’T CARE.

Success installing a new electric barbecue on the flybridge.

Crew: Why can’t you just fix the Garmin chartplotter glitch before needing to replace the entire unit?

Jupiter: I never wanted a big fancy-pants multi-function-display anyways. I’m a video gamer, peeps.

Crew: Listen, Little Miss Dock-Jewelry, you cannot simply float around looking good in marinas. You need to be responsible and take care of the inner you.

Jupiter: Yeah, well I don’t wanna talk about it. My systems are MY business.

Atlin Terminal, Prince Rupert, where we spend several days on repairs and maintenance.


  1. DeeDee Lisenby says:

    Oh No, they had to go under the bed…….I dislike that the most.
    We lost a Charles iso power booster in the Bahamas this year because of toooo low voltage.
    Shut down the electricity, dock or generator, for half the boat.
    Providence just rebelled at tooo low voltage. !!!! She is now fixed, healed and happy again.

    • Happy to hear that she is feeling better. They can be so temperamental! Perhaps the good news in this story is that in eleven years we have never before had to remove the spare props from under the bunk. Let’s hope we never need them, but at least we know it can be done.

  2. Charlie Claggett says:

    Thank you. We feel better now about living in a house, even though it’s permanently moored in Clayton and won’t even take us to Ladue.

  3. Diane P says:

    Hmmm. Me thinks perhaps you’ve been out to sea too long. You’re starting to talk to your yacht as if it’s a person.

    Seriously – very cute. Enjoying all your posts. I really liked the grocery store cart.

  4. Dana Starr says:

    As always I enjoyed this installment on your blog, albeit a little different. As a former boat owner I’m reminded of the oft repeated saying about the best 2 days in your life.

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